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Batam Hotel

Batam Hotel

Batam Island Indonesia Introdution

Batam is a small island in Indonesia. It located just 25 miles from Singapore. Because the location is very near Singapore, making it the popular holiday destination for Singaproen. Batam Island also is the main transit to Sumatra or to Malaysia Johor Bahru.

Most popular attraction is Batam beautiful beach crystal clear water. In Batam Island, there got plenty choice of hotels , resorts and apartment service to choose from visitor. In this website , we have categories the Batam Hotel to star , make you easy to book.

In Batam Island , local restaurants mainly provide traditional Indonesian food. The foods in Batam Island is much cheaper than their neighbor Singapore. Because of the cheap price , many Singaporean like to arrange weekend trip to Batam  

Golfing and nightlife is another main attraction in Batam. The most happening area in Batam is Nagoya , it has a lot of disco , pub , massage centre and various restaurants. Furthermore, the beer in Batam is very cheap.

Batam temperature is same with Singapre, hot and humid tropical all round the year. Singapore and Malaysian can go to Batam Island without visa but other countries need to do visa.